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July 8, 2012
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Broly... about to lose? by edstir Broly... about to lose? by edstir
A What-If situation where Broly finds himself fighting a much more powerful opponent in a one-on-one battle.

I wanted to draw Broly having taken damage from a REAL fight. In the movies, his fights are always massively one sided, with him knocking around all the DBZ guys like rag dolls, then very abruptly losing the battle to dubious plot devices.

I put Broly here in a situation where he is faced with an opponent who is clearly stronger than he is. Broly has just taken a massive energy blast, he is furious and trying to warp his head around his own power, maxed out, failing him for the first time. He has to figure out how to beat his opponent.... IF he can.

He could be up against anyone strong enough to really damage him... SSJ3 Goku, Buu, Gogeta, Vegito... other universe guys like Hulk, Doomsday, etc. I generally place his power level SSJ2, but no where near DBM levels. He may be a really cool bad guy, but he's not invincible.

This was originally supposed to be a close-up, but I kept adding and adding to the drawing until it was a full body piece. I am uploading the close up where you can see all the details/rage in his face in a separate submission: [link]

Would anyone be interested in some Dragonball fanart prints like this?
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BriefcaseMong Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  New member
looks like Laxus
nastynappa Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
he is fighting micky mouse
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Issac632 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
A possible opponent that would cause this situation for Broly is Omega Shenron.

Omega Shenron: 1,900,000,000 (One billion, nine hundred million)

Legendary Broly: 1,400,000,000 (One billion, four hundred million)

This difference in power is not much, but it counts as a difference. Broly has approximately 73.68% of Omega Shenron's strength if the two are compared at full power. That's at about the same level as Omega Shenron, but still a bit smaller. In terms of pure power intensity, Broly rivals Omega Shenron, but only by a narrow margin.

In addition, their special abilities are quite different. Broly's special ability in Legendary Form is that his energy does not decrease. I am not a person who supports a gradually and constantly increasing power, but I don't believe that he does not have some special power that comes with his ultimate transformation. It would be more reasonable to believe that instead of Broly's power being infinite, it is his energy supply that is infinite. He always remains at his maximum energy supply, and has to vent it every now and then to prevent it from slowing down his body, or crushing him. Broly's legendary form gives him an indefatigable supply of energy, which is where his absurd power comes from. It never rises, but neither does it fall. It can only be drawn out of his body in great amounts as needed, with the same level of energy instantly supplied. In a way, Broly's energy behaves like Androids 17 and 18, even though his power level is vastly greater than theirs is.

Omega Shenron however, has an advantage of versatility, as he possesses all of the powers of the Shadow Dragons. This gives him many more techniques that have more varying effects. Plus, he can regenerate damage. Although his regeneration technique cannot increase Omega Shenron's power level, it prevents him from being defeated by Broly's savage assaults. Omega Shenron essentially has another advantage, as he has a much higher intelligence, and has a better grip on his sanity than Broly does, leading to better decision-making during combat.

The result? Broly finds himself being steadily pushed to his true limits as Omega Shenron marvels at his opponent's strength. Omega Shenron might be impressed, or might not be very impressed, but he would definitely take into consideration that Broly's infinite supply of energy is a formidable force to reckon with. Yes, I imagine that in a fight against Omega Shenron, this is what Broly would look like later on in the fight.
TVnGames Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait, seriously? Broly was fighting SSJ Gohan, and you think he can somewhat take on Omega Shenron?
Issac632 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
What i'm saying isn't that Broly can rival or go neck-to-neck with Omega Shenron. I know Broly has numerous shortcomings that come with his immeasurable power, including the obvious lack of strategic skill that would have made him even more dangerous. The picture above is clearly showing Broly in his Legendary status, but also in a situation where he is about to lose a battle. It's clear that Broly is a juggernaut with the destructive capabilities that made his legend, but that does not make him too strong for the Z-fighters, like Gohan, to defeat.

Part of the reason that Son Goku and his friends managed to defeat Broly is out of sheer willpower and determination. Trunks mentioned that Broly could easily lay waste to the universe at his level of power, and much like the other Z-fighters, he had no intention on allowing Broly to run amok. When anyone has a powerful sense of conviction on his side, he can take the most desperate measures to overcome impossible odds. As Piccolo said, it did not matter if they escaped Broly during their fight--because if they just decided to forfeit the match because of his powers, the whole universe would be in grave danger... and the Z-fighters fight to defend the universe from menaces like Broly, whether or not they could stand a chance to begin with.

An analogy to the willpower factor in Broly's movie can be seen in the Revolutionary War between the British and the thirteen American colonies. Now, the British were the most feared naval and military powers during that time, and their redcoat musketeers were well-equipped and well-trained for combat, while American soldiers were highly disorganized. However, the difference between the Americans and the British during the revolutionary war is that the colonial minutemen were fighting for their freedom, for their independence, and most importantly, for their lives. The British soldiers, on the other hand, were fighting for a paycheck, and scarcely anything else.

The reason that Goku refused to give up on his fight with Broly is because he had already protected the universe from Frieza, and had been defending Earth's future from the Androids--and based on the movies prior to Broly's first debut, he had been repeatedly struggling to keep the Earth, and everything upon it, safe from various supervillains. While Broly was fighting just for the enjoyment of combat, Goku's conviction for fighting was stronger than Broly's conviction, which gave Goku the strength to keep coming back even while the situation seemed hopeless. At first the other Z-fighters felt as though they couldn't keep fighting Broly after they were beaten to a pulp, but when they realized they clearly had no choice, they too had enough reason to push aside everything that held them back--their fears and doubts, and their horrifying injuries and blows the jawbone.

Now, in the case of Goku actually "defeating" Broly, he knew that Broly's energy levels were still overwhelmingly strong, and it would have required that Goku have more power borrowed from his dying comrades to have a fleeting chance at stopping him from destroying the rest of the galaxy. Of course, Goku didn't reach the level of energy needed to protect himself from Broly until Prince Vegeta lended him some ki. The Comet was already crumbling the planet that Son Goku and Broly were fighting on in these last moments, leaving little time for Goku to actually defeat Broly, but as could clearly be seen from the movie, he didn't have enough power to knock his enemy out, or "destroy" his body. The combined energy still wasn't enough to make Goku powerful enough to completely neutralize Broly's ability to fight. He punched Broly's abdomen, which caused enough damage to make Broly grievously injured--but not killed. After all, while Son Goku loves to fight strong opponents, his objective is to defeat them--not to kill them.

Now--moving onto Gohan's side of the story. Broly, who was temporarily incapacitated by Goku's marginally powerful attack, is a Saiyan who grows more powerful after recovering from injuries unless he is killed--but as he wasn't killed in his previous movie, he escaped the glaciers more powerful than before. Gohan remembered fighting Broly before, and did not hesitate to have the same reasons for fighting him a second time. After all, Broly was spot-on his planet, the same planet that his father protected for his whole life. For the most time in the movie, Broly fought as an unrestrained Super Saiyan, with energy levels not only uninhibited by Paragus's ring, but magnified slightly (like a fifty percent increase or so) from healed injuries. It made Broly more than capable of beating up Goten and Kid Trunks--both of which could become super saiyans. When he entered his legendary status after witnessing Gohan transform, the battle would have been one-sided. Goten and Trunks were both afraid, and their fear made them weaker in combat. Krillin had not fought Broly in his first movie, and in his second coming, it was clear that he couldn't last more than the moment that he did when he tried to help Gohan fight the monster (Oh! Excuse me, he's a devil!). Finally, Broly's legendary status was powerful enough to take on four super saiyans ans a super-namekian, while remaining in full control of the entire fight. This left Gohan in a losing position, because he was the last fighter left to take him on, and even as a super saiyan, he was outclassed.

The reason that Broly was blasted into the sun--and thank goodness he was--was because Son Goku's ghost arrived to encourage Goten and Gohan to put aside their fears. He understood how afraid his sons were, since one of them fought Broly before, and the other learned how dangerous Broly was for the first time (not to mention Son Goku also fought Broly?). In the storyline of Broly's second movie, Son Goku wasn't around to fight Broly himself--so either Gohan had to protect the earth, or watch Broly lay waste to it. Goten and Gohan alike were empowered by realizing that they were the only hope left for the planet's survival; while it looked like the Family Kamehameha was more of a compound energy wave made by three people, the truth behind the matter was that Goku was not really there to add more energy to the final attack. Just like Gohan in the kamehameha struggle against Cell, Goku's soul encouraged the only defender the Earth had left--enough that the very warrior who was considering a forefeit suddenly had the determination to finish the battle for good--exploding with energy and destroying the enemy. Gohan beat Cell with his father's help in the same way that he beat Broly in his second movie. Conviction was the most reasonable factor in deciding the victor--not power.

But speaking of power on the other hand, Omega Shenron not only has a higher number of abilities compared to Broly, but his sheer power dwarfs Broly by a significant margin. Syn Shenron was the one-starred dragon treasure guardian, and his element was nothing but pure power--in other words, energy. By himself, Syn Shenron murdered one of his own brothers with a ki blast from his finger, and knocked out Son Goku--not as a super saiyan, but as a grade 4 super saiyan. Considering that Broly took two movies to be killed, it is a wonder that Broly survived the Z-fighters the first time, while Syn Shenron, with or without the dragon balls, turned ssj4 Son Goku into his personal punching bag. Ridiculous! A transformation vastly stronger than the ones that Broly fought (and he fought FOUR super saiyans), and Syn Shenron did not need the dragon balls to defeat Son Goku.

Bottom line is, Broly can destroy planets--Omega Shenron can ebb away the universe with his ki. Broly laid waste to a huge city--Omega Shenron laid waste to a huge city. Broly kills people--Omega Shenron kills people. Broly can dominate the battlefield--Omega Shenron can dominate the battlefield. Based on how they both have fought in the past, their power levels are marginally rivaled--their levels of ki are similar. Broly's ki level can potentially reach staggering heights beyond what has been seen in his movies, by healing from injuries or losing himself to his rage. Omega Shenron's stated power level is only 300,000,000 points higher than Broly's legendary status (in it's first debut). Thus, while Omega Shenron gave ssj4 Son Goku a load of trouble (an entire saga of trouble, in fact), Broly could probably put up the same threat. Now, the difference between Omega Shenron and Legendary Broly isn't exactly in power, but in skill.

Broly's method of combat is simple. He doggedly pursues his target with an indomitable tenacity, attacking with super-aggressive wrestling moves and savage punches that bust through guards and bones alike. Broly's overwhelming ki allows him to dominate the battlefield by himself without needing any help (not that he would know what help is, as he's crazy enough to kill his own father). He's a berserker who does not stop fighting at all--never! Omega Shenron on the other hand, shows self-control. He is arrogant and sadistic like Broly, but much unlike The Legendary Super Saiyan, he doesn't exert his pressure as much as he employs strategy to his side of the board. He conserves his energy, while Broly expends his on a whim (like blowing up the home planet of the unnamed aliens in the first movie). Broly chooses to take the hardest hits just to show off how "invincible" his body is, but Omega Shenron knows better than to plow through excessive energy. Omega Shenron dodges, blocks, and takes the hits that he can survive, and avoids the ones he cannot. Combined with the power of the corrupted dragon balls and their techniques, Omega Shenron not only has more options for defeating Broly, but it's an honest prediction that he could bring Broly to his knees by being the smarter of the two, rather than the stronger.

So, you want me to tell you what I would think if Broly fought Omega Shenron? At first, Omega Shenron would be shocked by how strong Broly's ki is, but once he figures out that Broly is a nearsighted ninny who wastes his ki and his stamina on relentless attacking, all he has to do is evade Broly until his energy weakens with exhaustion, after which he can seriously injure Broly--just like in the above picture even! And the reason that the Z-fighters are still alive isn't because they had stronger ki OR a wider variety of powerful techniques than Broly, but because Broly lacks conviction for his actions. In the same way, while Broly wants to destroy the universe, Omega Shenron wants to destroy the universe--For a REASON! Broly's power rivals Omega Shenron's power, but in a battle, he is doomed to lose, because his weakness is in his brain. I do /not/ believe that Broly is the most powerful force in the DBZ universe (Need I go on and bring Bills into this?), but I know that he could be one of the few warriors with a power to fight Omega Shenron--even if he is going to lose every time. While Omega Shenron made a pipsqueak out of Son Goku in a fourth-grade Super Saiyan form, he will have a harder time facing Legendary Broly on the battlefield--solely because of Broly's powerful ki levels. Nonetheless, Broly will always lose to Omega Shenron because he lacks both conviction and strategy--not only the factor that made him lose to the Z-fighters (allowing them to still be alive), but ultimately, the factor that would make him, altogether, inferior to Omega Shenron.
TVnGames Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, what you're saying is you never said Broly is never that strong?
Issac632 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Alright, alright... I get it, that was too confusing.

Put into simple words, here's what I believe.

Broly is very strong, but the reason he's strong is because of his ki level. But powerful energy isn't everything--his sheer strength can measure up to Omega Shenron, but his weakness is that he's dumb. Omega Shenron would have trouble with Broly's energy being powerful, but since Omega Shenron can think more strategically than Broly, he would still win regardless.
TVnGames Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry. XD

Broly isn't quite dumb, he's too angry and insane.
Plus, if Broly really was that strong? How are the Z-Fighters even alive, let alone walking?
Issac632 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Well... To explain that, the difference between the two was differences in conviction. See, Broly didn't take the fights as seriously, while the Z-fighters were fighting for the protection of the universe, and their lives--so with that in mind, the Z-Fighters were pushed to their absolute limits, while Broly underestimated them and sandbagged (played with) them more than actually trying to kill them.
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